General Information

Ansonia Veterinary Surgical Information

Learn more about our Surgical Information below! f you ever have any questions please call us at 2037359915

Surgical Information
General Information

Ansonia Veterinary Surgical Information



  • Day Before Surgery Instructions:
    • No food or water after 89pm the night before. After they eat dinner remove foodand water.
    • Good nights rest

  • Day of Surgery Instructions:
    • Drop off at our SEYMOUR location on 876 S. Main Street Seymour, CT between 8830am
    • No breakfast, no treats, no water in the am
    • Call us typically between 23pm and we’ll let you know how we’re doing in recovery and when you can pick up your animal
    • Same day pickups are typically between 4530pm. Animals that say overnight can be picked up anytime after 9am the following day

  • Post-Operative Instructions:
    • If your pet goes home with sutures:
    • Make sure we wear a cone collar at all times
    • Restrict activity no walks, no exercise, no running or jumping till we recheck the sutures
    • Suture rechecks are typically 1014 days after the surgery
    • If anything is looking red, irritated, oozy, shiny, anything other than normal please call us immediately.
    • Make sure suture area stays DRY at all times
    • Make sure antibiotics are always given with food never on an empty stomach

  • Dental:
    • No extractions Soft food for 34 days
    • With extraction ssoft food for 1014 days